Who are you?

Are you an artist?

Are you looking to discover your artistic abilities?

Are you interested in developing your creative niche?

Do you need help getting started or completing a project?

Are you interested in showcasing your artwork?

Are you looking for some inspiration?

Do you need a peaceful non-toxic space to relax and focus?

Are you looking to connect with other artists to share skills and resources?

Connect & tap into your unlimited potential
@ OSMAP holistic chill space & artist collective
*A sanctuary & safe haven for the creative spirit
*Co-working artistic space
*A place where rainbow warriors unite!
*Comfortable, relaxing, non-toxic environment with respect towards freedom of the individual creative process
*Personal space to hold your projects and belongings
*Totally organic and vegan selection of drinks available
*Yoga/workshop room
*Internet access and networking resources
*Monthly art show & events
*Artist showcases
*Independently run not for profit
*Artists supporting artists
*Protest of the starving artist stereotype
*A home for nomads and gypsies
***We accept volunteers!!!
*consistent hours open everyday to the collective
*professional environment 18+

All inclusive space free from discrimination
Wheelchair accessible venue

Membership Options

Lead a workshop or volunteer exchange

Let’s build something together.