OSMAP Montreal is a newly established collective space created as a platform and safe space for artists to unite and break free from the starving artist stereotype. With a focus on sustainability and natural health, we offer a supportive and nurturing environment on every level to cultivate successful independent leaders and community involvement.

We appreciate your support to help build a strong collective and foundation for local artists to thrive

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As a dedicated not for profit, all funding goes toward implementing the collective aim through maintaining the established space and systems which allow for growth and stability needed for artists to come together and flourish.

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Contribute Art Supplies

We accept un-used stock of art supplies, upcycled materials, and tools in working order. Please send a message with your offer before coming to drop off any items. Thank you for your adherence & generosity.

Volunteer / Get Involved

We are always welcoming and inviting of help in any capacity towards in house projects and operations. Do you feel inspired to create something for the space? Do you have a special skill or interest you would like to share? Let us know.

“OSMAP saved my life”